Voicemail Services

Pinnacle  offers voicemail options for residential and business phone services.

Whether you are away from the phone, or on the line with another call, Pinnacle Telecom's voicemail services can catch those callers and keep you informed. 

With additional options like pager notifications, email notifications, and personal assistant menus, your Pinnacle voicemail can become your own personal call center operator.

Create the Ultimate Unified Mailbox

Combine our  Fax to Email Service  with a Pinnacle Voicemail Box and have a one-stop shop for all your communication needs. 

Voicemails and fax messages, all collected in a single interface, where you can setup customized notifications to stay on top of all that’s happening as it happens, whether you are sitting at your desk, or traveling the world.

Business Simple
  • 1 Voicemail box
  • $6.95 MRC, $5.00 Setup *
  • Options: Voicemail to Email: FREE
Business Plus
  • Menu with 5 Sub Business Mailboxes
  • $19.95 MRC, $10.00 Setup *
  • Options: Voicemail to Email: FREE


* Note: Internet and/or phone pricing are subject to applicable Taxes, Surcharges, and Fees.

  • Up to 10G!
  • Hosted Phone Solutions Starting at $99/Month
  • Be Prepared, Not Scared!
  • Tech Support
  • Call or Email Us!

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