Robocall Blocker Add-On Service

Relief from robocalls is here! It's time to take back control of your phone lines.



Pinnacle Telecom wants to help end the assault of unwanted telephone calls to your home line.  

The National Do Not Call List has been around for many years and is a good place to register.  But it is only used by legitimate businesses following the rules and has many exceptions for other institutions that do not have to recognize the list.  What about the scammers and others that choose not to abide by the rules?  

Announcing RoboCall Blocker, which automatically prevents unwanted robocalls from reaching your phone. RoboCall Blocker is a carrier grade, "thinking and learning" solution that checks incoming calls for the likelihood that they are "unwanted" in nature based on calling patterns as reported nationwide.

If you like talking to strangers that call you trying to sell, census, caucus, or scam you, then this product isn’t for you.  But if you would like to avoid getting those calls, then check out the following, then give it try and see the difference. 

  • First Month Free & No Installation Charges
  • Take control of your phone - reduce  unwanted calls
  • Works automatically - no configuration required
  • Blocks political campaigns, IRS scams, and more
  • Allows valid calls to pass

Only $0.95 per month

Yes, that’s right.  Less than a $1 a month to reduce RoboCall annoyance.

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