Contact Center Tools

Do you really know what’s happening in your business when the phone rings?

Our Contact Center can provide the tools you need to drill down and find out what works and what doesn’t in your call processing plan.


Paired with Cloud Recording and Hosted Phones, the entire solution is available without having to purchase software, or servers, or the need to hire experts to manage it.

Whether you have 5 phones or 5000, we do the heavy lifting.

This gives you the time to do what you do best: Run your business.

  •  Maintained in our Cloud
  •  Measure what you want
  •  Configure changes in real time.
  •  Caller info available 24/7
  •  Scalable, Flexible, Affordable

Could your business benefit from any of these features?

If yes, then Contact Center may be a great option for your business!

  • Call Recording (Quality checking, Legal Obligation, Note Verification, Transcripting, etc)
  • Ability for people to Login/Logout of taking calls themselves, on demand.
  • See Near Real Time call statistics by Department or User (Calls Answered, Calls Missed, Wait Times, Time Logged In, Time On Call, etc)
  • Ability for Supervisors to Monitor/Whisper/Barge in on Agents Calls
  • Dynamically change Agents / Queue configurations to address call demand needs
  • User Defined Disposition Codes to Track Call Information (Type of Call, Call Resolution, etc)
  • Automate Report Generations for Detail or Summary information (Calls, Queues, Agents)

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