Hosted PBX Phone SErvice

Reduce your upfront cost and get advanced features with Pinnacle's Cloud Based Hosted PBX Phone Service.

  • Multi-function business phones are included with the service
  • Great for a growing business with a Pay-As-You-Grow business model
  • Advanced IP functionality makes it flexible as well as low cost 
  • Pinnacle manages your complete service to allow you to do what you do best - Run Your Business!
  • Multi-location functions allow 3 or 4 digit dialing between any phone at any location
  • Need an extension at your home or do you have employees that work from home? It's easy with the Hosted PBX Service
  • Dramatically reduce your monthly phone bill with free interoffice calling and unlimited long distance plans
  • Use existing Internet Connections to link multiple locations.  

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Looking for Hosted Phone Helps & Guides?

Visit our Hosted Support Page for Document and Guide resources 

Hosted Phone Solutions

Need a smart new business phone system for your office, but can't justify the expense? Call Pinnacle Telecom today and ask about our hosted IP phone service.

Pinnacle provides all of the phone equipment you'll need, so there's nothing for you to purchase. And training, local support and full system maintenance is all included.

Add additional phones, tie together multi-location offices wherever, whenever. Even work from home - It's so simple! All you need is a stable, high-speed Internet connection.


Hosted PBX Features Include:

  • Caller ID, including name and number
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail with notifications via email
  • Call Forwarding
  • SimRing (Up to 5 Phone Numbers, Including Cell Phones)
  • Music On Hold
  • Call Detail Reporting
  • Extension Dialing
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Multi Day Scheduling
  • Holiday/Inclement Weather Options
  • Call Park
  • Paging via Phone Sets
  • Call Screening
  • Incoming Call Manager
  • Desktop Call Application Manager
  • Web based Administration and Access
  • Presence Monitoring with BLF Key
  • User Templates
  • Self Administration

Add-On Additional Features for an Additional Fee

Take Control

Our Hosted IP PBX Service allows for a central administrator (office manager, secretary, etc) to change settings on the phone lines for the entire business group, or allows individual users to have the same control over their own extensions & IP phones.

Here's Our Starter Pack:

$99/month + applicable taxes, surcharges, and fees.

Get 4 attractive, full-featured business phones with auto attendant, voice mail, and hold music.

Add Unlimited Nationwide Outbound Long Distance for only $7/month per phone.

$399.00 One Time Projected Installation Cost. Labor for inside wiring / cabling per location, per work station, etc. is not included if necessary.


Test Your Network

Interested in running a test to see if our Hosted Cloud IP Phone System will run on your network?

Visit our Broadband Test Tool page where you can download a test app on your office Windows PC that will run tests and rate your connection's performance on running our solution.

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