Telephone Trouble Reporting Tips

Telephone Trouble Reporting Tips

Reporting problems with your telephone service can be tricky, so it's important that the best information be exchanged to minimize the delay and to help resolve the trouble as soon as possible.  Below are some TIPS that can be used when collecting information for us about calling issues.

 What is happening? 

  • What is the Error Recordings?
  • Fast Busy?
  • Dead Air?
  • Ring No Answer?

When is it happening?

  • Everytime
  • Sometimes
  • Only once
  • Only when certain phones/lines are used
  • Only when already on a call
  • Only on local calls
  • Only on LD calls
  • Only to certain numbers
  • Only to/from cell phones
  • Only when getting calls from certain numbers

 Can it be predicted or repeated on demand?

Probably the most important, because being able to predict or repeat a problem makes it easier to solve.   Patterns lead to solutions, so if you notice anything that stays constant when the trouble happens, be sure to let us know that.  "It happens every time I.... " or "Only happens when I do ..."

 Get examples

Getting call examples of what does work and what doesn’t work helps narrow down the area to look and is required when the problem is relating to another carrier or telephone number.    Examples should be reported like:  

  • 479213xxxx tried to call 479667xxxx and got a busy signal at 10:43a on 6/1/18
  • On 6/2/18 at 11:15am, 479213xxxx tried to call 479667xxxx and heard a “this line has been disconnected” recording .

Examples can be emailed to Be sure to include your name and contact information.  Can also call us and press option 3 to report the trouble.



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