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Reminder Call Service (Wake-Up Call Service)

We don't offer room service, but we can give wake up calls. By setting up a Reminder Call, you will get a phone call at the time you specify. Whether a call to remind you to get out of bed, or not to miss that dentist appointment, this feature is a handy feature to keep you on track.

To setup a One-Time Call within the next 24 hours:
  • *310 to enable
  • *311 to disable all
  • *312 to disable one
  • *313 to check
To setup  a Regular Daily Call:
  • *314 to enable
  • *315 to disable all
  • *316 to disable one
  • *317 to check
To Specify  Days of the Week:
  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday
  8. Every Weekday
    Regular reminder call occurs every week day, but not on weekends.
  9. Every Day
    Regular reminder call occurs every day.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Sometimes callers - for example, some prank callers - choose to block their names and numbers from appearing on a Caller ID display screen. If you'd rather not take a call from someone you don't know, you won't have to with Anonymous Call Rejection. If you receive a blocked call, your phone won't even ring. The caller will be told you don't accept anonymous calls.

To turn on Anonymous Call Rejection:
  • PICK UP  The phone and press *77.
To turn off Anonymous Call Rejection:
  • PICK UP  The phone and press *87

Call Forwarding

Away from home, but not away from your callers. Going out for the evening, and don't want to miss that special call? Forward calls to another number - perhaps your wireless phone - where you can be reached with Call Forwarding. Call Forwarding stays "on" until you de-activate it, so it's perfect for use during vacation too.

To use Call Forwarding:
  • PICK UP  The phone and press *72. (Some places use 72#)
  • DIAL  The number you want to forward your calls to. For Call Forwarding to be in effect, someone needs to answer this call. If no one answers, or the line is busy perform the steps again and Call Forwarding will be in effect.
To turn off Call Forwarding:
  • PICK UP  The phone and press *73 (Some places use 73#). You'll hear two short tones followed by dial tone. Call Forwarding is no longer activated.

Auto Recall

In the shower? Don't race to the phone. *69 Call Return lets you automatically dial back your last local caller - even if you don't know the number!

To use *69 Auto Recall:
  • PICK UP  The phone and press *69. Your last call will be dialed back.
  • HANG UP  If you don't get through. *69 Call Return will try to place your call for up to 30 minutes.
  • LISTEN  For a special ring that repeats twice to let you know your call has been placed. Pick up the phone.

Note: To cancel all *69 Call Return requests, pick up the phone and press *89. Call Return can return certain long-distance calls. If you use Call Return to call back a long-distance number, you will be charged  the long-distance rate according to your plan.

Call Waiting

With Call Waiting you can always take important calls - even if you're busy with another one. Just put your first call on hold while you take a new one, then return to the first call when you're ready.

To use Call Waiting:
  • LISTEN  For the beep indicating a second incoming call when you're already on the line.
  • PRESS  Switchhook or flash button to place your first call on hold and take the new one.
  • PRESS  Switchhook or flash button again to return to your first call.

Note: To turn off Call Waiting before a call pick up the phone and press *70. When you hang up after the call, Call Waiting will be automatically restored. 

Caller ID

See who's calling. Caller ID lets you know who's calling before you pick up the phone, so you can decide which calls to take now and which to return later.

To use your Caller ID service, you need a Caller ID phone or display unit. By the second ring of a call, your caller's name and number will appear on the screen of the phone or display unit. If you decide to return the call later, just look at your Caller ID display for a quick reference on the caller's name, number and time of call. For even quicker dialing days, weeks or months later, many telephones sold also have built-in directories, allowing you to save the names and numbers of callers. 

Call Waiting ID

See who's behind the "beep." Call Waiting ID* is a new service that combines the usefulness of Call Waiting and Caller ID. When you're already on the phone and receive another call, Call Waiting ID service will display the name and number of the incoming caller on your Caller ID display screen. Now you'll know if it's a call you want to take right away or return later.

This service requires special Caller ID phones or display units which must be purchased from a retailer.

You must subscribe to Call Waiting and Caller ID to use this service.

Priority Call

Know that it's Mom, your Boss or any other special caller just by the ring.  Mom? The kids? The boss? You'll know when someone important is calling with Priority Call - because you assign a special ring to local caller who matter the most. Whenever they call, you'll know who it is by the sound of the ring.

To use Priority Call:
  • WRITE  Down a list of names and numbers you want to give priority status.
  • PICK UP  The phone, press *61 and follow the instructions:
    • Create a list of priority callers 
    • Add to a current list 
    • Remove numbers from the list 

Call Blocker/Selective Call Rejection

Want to talk to that insurance salesman who always calls at dinner? How about that guy that won't take "no" for an answer? Say, "Never call me again." With Call Blocker, you can keep unwanted calls from getting through, because you can block up to ten numbers. You can also block the number of your last caller, even if you don't know who it was - that's called a "private entry." Blocked callers will hear, "We are sorry, the party you're calling is not accepting calls at this time."

To use Selective Call Rejection:
  • PICK UP  The phone, press *60 and follow instructions:
    • Set up a list of numbers to block
    • Add known numbers or "private entries" to your list
    • Remove known numbers from your list

Note: In some locations you must press 3 to turn your service on or off. Calls will not be blocked unless Call Blocker is on.

To turn off Selective Call Rejection:
  • PICK UP  The phone and press *80 and follow the instructions.

Selective Call Forwarding

Just want a few callers to reach you when you're away from home? No Problem!  Want to talk to one friend, but not any others? With Selective Call Forwarding you choose which calls you want forwarded. All other calls will ring at your home until you de-activate the service.

To use Selective Call Forwarding:
  • PICK UP  The phone, press *63 and follow the instructions:
    • Set up a list of numbers you want calls forwarded from
    • Add numbers to the list
    • Remove numbers from the list

Note: In some locations, you must press 3 to turn Selective Call Forwarding on or off.

To turn off Selective Call Forwarding:
  • PICK UP  The phone, press *83 and follow the instructions:
    • To turn off the service, but save the list, or to remove all numbers on the list press 08, then hang up.

Speed Calling

Call faster, especially if 10-digit dialing is required in your area.  Dialing is easier with Speed Calling-8 because it lets you dial up to eight frequently called local numbers simply by pressing two buttons per call Speed Calling-8 is also great for kids who are learning to dial the phone, or for disabled family members who find dialing difficult.

To set up Speed Calling 8:
  • WRITE  The name and phone number of each person you want to set up for Speed Calling. Choose a separate Speed Calling code (using numbers 2 through 9) for each phone number.
  • PICK UP The phone and press *74.
  • ENTER  One of the Speed Calling codes you assigned. Then enter the phone number for that code. Include 1+area code if it's long-distance.
  • LISTEN  for several short tones to confirm your entry. 
  • HANG UP  repeat the steps for up to eight phone numbers.
To use Speed Calling 8:
  • PICK UP  The phone and enter the Speed Calling code for the phone number you want to call, then press the # key.

Note: The numbers 0 and 1 can not be used for Speed Calling codes.

Personalized Ring / Teen Number

Tired of getting up to answer the phone for your daughter or other members of your family? Or maybe a special ring would be helpful in running your home business? With Personalized Ring, you can assign up to three household members their own unique ringing pattern. You'll always know who the call is for by the sound of the ring.

Here's how it works:

Personalized Ring gives you up to three different telephone numbers and three special ringing patterns on a single line.

  • Each telephone number is assigned its own ringing pattern. Your main phone number will have one ring (normal ring). The first additional number will have two long rings. If you subscribe to an additional number, your second additional number will have a short-long-short ring.
  • These special ringing patterns let you know which number the caller is trying to reach.

Three-Way Calling

Your Aunt Amy in Arizona? Your buddy Billy in the next block?  Three-Way Calling lets you talk to two people, in different places, at the same time - even if it's long-distance.

To use Three-Way Calling:
  • Click - Dial - Click
    • To add someone to a call, quickly press and release the hang-up or flash button.
    • Listen for the dial tone, then call the person you want to add.
    • When they pick up, press and release the hang-up or flash button again.
To disconnect Three-Way calling:
  • Hang Up  For at least 2 seconds between all your calls, until you hear a normal dial tone.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding

Already away from home, but want your calls forwarded? You can do it with one phone call. The Remote Access feature of Call Forwarding lets you forward calls when you are away from home.

To use Remote Access to Call Forwarding:
  • PICK UP  The phone, dial the Remote Access to Call Forwarding Number. You will be prompted to enter your 10 digit telephone number and your personal access number.
  • LISTEN  for instructions
    • Enter your phone number followed by '#' button.
    • Enter your personal identification number (PIN) followed by '#' button.
    • When prompted you will enter the type of action you are wanting to do.
      • Press *72 + the  destination number to turn on Call Forwarding to the number
      • Press *73  to turn off Call Forwarding
  • When entering the number to forward to, be sure to enter the number the same way you would normally dial it from your phone line, including 1 or area code if needed. Forwarding to a long distance number will result in Long Distance charges.
  • Once the number is entered, a courtesy call will be placed. When the call is answered, Call Forwarding will be activated. If the call is not answered, then you will need to repeat the steps above withing 30 minutes to "force" the call forwarding active. This is a way to help ensure that your line is not forwarded to a wrong number by mistake.

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