Voice Feature Descriptions

Anonymous Call Rejection

This feature allows you to reject incoming callers who have blocked delivery of their telephone number to your Caller ID unit by dialing *67 or 67# in order to conceal their identity from you! When the caller does this, this feature prevents their call from reaching you!

Their call will route to a recorded denial announcement. You can turn this feature OFF by dialing *87, and back ON again by dialing *77. If you ordered home service: Residence telephone service is installed with this feature turned ON. Some cellular phones that don't send Caller ID, will be blocked from calling your number while this feature is turned on. This feature will not block UNAVAILABLE numbers.

Call Forwarding

This allows you to transfer all incoming calls to another phone number by dialing *72 + number (Some places use 72#). YOU may reprogram/change the 'forward to' number using the line at anytime.

NOTE: You must allow the number you are calling to answer, before hanging up. If you reach a busy signal, or there is no answer, you must hang up and redial *72 + number a second time. Three short tones will then confirm that Call Forwarding is in effect. Each time a call is forwarded, your phone will ring with one short ring. This is to remind you that your calls are being forwarded.

To turn this feature off, dial *73 (Some places use 73#). Note: If you need to dial a "1" when calling a number, you will need to dial it when forwarding to that number as well. If you choose to forward to a long distance number, Pinnacle Telecom's low long distance rates will apply to forwarded calls.

Call Forwarding Busy

Automatically forwards incoming calls to another number when your line is in use. This feature requires us to program a number into the central office switch where your calls are to forward. You cannot change the 'forward to' number yourself. Dobson Fiber must order a change in the central office switch for this feature. 

Call Forward Don't Answer

Automatically forwards incoming calls to another number when there is no answer after a pre-designated number of seconds .

Call Waiting

Press your switch hook briefly, or your "FLASH" button, to answer a second call after you hear a beep, indicating that you have a second call ringing. If Call Waiting is used with a line equipped with a computer modem, the Call Waiting tone will probably disconnect your modem.

If you use your line to dial telephone numbers from a modem, program your modem to ALWAYS DIAL *70 ahead of each call. *70 will cancel this service for only one call at a time.

Caller ID Name and Number Delivery

Allows YOU to know the telephone number and name of the calling party. Calling Name Delivery will display the listed name on the billed telephone number (limited to 15 characters).

Caller ID will show unpublished and unlisted numbers that call you as well, if they are calling from an area that passing this information along with the call. People using Caller ID Blocking will show up as ANONYMOUS and can be blocked by Anonymous Caller Rejection (Feature 1).

Caller ID Call Waiting

Allows YOU to know the telephone number and name of the calling party during a telephone call in progress. Caller ID Call Waiting will display the listed name on the billed telephone number (limited to 15 characters). You may respond to Call Waiting Caller ID during a call in any of the following ways:

  • Terminate the first call by hanging up, and answer the second call when your phone rings again;
  • Answer the second call by "flashing" your switch hook or pressing your "FLASH" button, if you have one;
  • Ignore the beep. The call will forward to the number you provided for Call Forward Busy, if you ordered this free feature.

Lines in Hunting

Available for business or residence customers who need to receive more than 2 calls simultaneously, without Call Waiting, on multiple telephone lines. Call Waiting is not installed on lines in hunting.

Any number of telephone lines can be installed with this feature. Only the first number needs to be given out. Additional calls will automatically ring on any number of additional lines in the Hunting Group

Priority Call

Allows you to identify specific incoming telephone numbers with a distinctive ring. Dial *61 and follow prompts to add a number to this service, or *81 and follow prompts to cancel numbers associated with this service.

Selective Call Rejection

Dial *60 and follow prompts to block up to 10 numbers in your map area from calling your telephone number! Dial *80 to cancel this service!

Use this service to block additional calls from each unwanted solicitation call that you receive over your phone. You'll be amazed at how few times you'll need to do this to dramatically decrease the number of unwanted phone calls received!

Selective Call Forwarding

Dial *63 and follow prompts to activate, and *83 to deactivate. Allows you to specify up to 10 specific numbers to automatically forward to your cellular phone, or any other telephone number, such as your office.

Calls from these numbers only will forward to the number you specify! This is ideal for family members that you always wish to hear from, such as elderly parents, children away at school, or emergency calls your children's school. This eliminates unwanted calls from being forwarded to your cellular phone or your business telephone.

Per Call Optional Caller ID Blocking

Having an unlisted number will NOT keep your Caller ID information from showing up on someone's Caller ID. This service will block your Caller I D Number from being sent when you make calls. Calls to people who have Anonymous Call Rejection will not go through when using this feature.

Press *67, wait for dialtone and then make your call. This feature is a per call feature and will need to be dialed before each call. Be sure to include this on your Speed Dial numbers if you want to remain Anonymous in your calling.

Speed Dialing 

Dial *74, wait for tone, then any digit that you wish to assign to the Speed Number, from 2 - 9, then immediately dial the number you wish to set up for speed dialing.

Allows you to place calls by dialing one digit plus #. If you need to dial a "1;" or an Area Code when calling the number you are setting up, be sure to include the "1;" or Area Code when setting up Speed Dialing. If you program a speed number to a number outside of the MAP Area, you will be charged the applicable low Pinnacle Telecom rate for each call.

Personalized Ringing Numbers

Do you operate a small business from your home, or would you like to stop operating a personal answering service for your children? You can have up to two different telephone numbers, that each ring in a distinctive manner, so that you can either answer these calls differently, or let your kids answer their own calls! 

Three Way Calling

Allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation without hanging up. Distance restrictions do not apply to incoming or outgoing calls.

Just press your switch hook or press "FLASH" on your phone, then dial a second call. Speak to the party that you've called, then when you are ready, and if you wish to do so, press your switch hook or press "FLASH" on your phone again to create a 3 Way Conference Call.

Remote Call Forwarding

Remote Call Forwarding for Business & Residence Telephones allows YOU to activate, deactivate, or change the 'forward to' number from a location other than from your telephone, at your convenience, including when storms or accidents interrupt the telephone facilities between the Telephone Company Central Office and your location.

You may use this feature from your cellular phone or your office telephone, for example. You must use a touch tone phone. Your will have a 4-digit Personal Identification assigned to your line to activate this service.

Reminder Call Service - Wake Up Calls

We don't offer room service, but we can give wake up calls. By setting up a Reminder Call, you will get a phone call at the time you specify. Whether a call to remind you to get out of bed, or not to miss that dentist appointment, this feature is a handy feature to keep you on track.

Warm Line / Hot Line

It's like having your own RED HOT LINE phone where you pick it up and automatically calls a predefined number. Warm line waits 1-16 seconds before dialing, but Hotline mode immediately dials. Hotlines can be used as emergency or information phones, where Warm lines can be used as a "in case someone can't dial another number then call" scenario. Do you need a phone that immediately calls a number when picked up, or maybe you want Grandma's phone to call you if it's off the hook for 15 seconds?

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