Fax-To-Email Instructions

This  service offers inbound Faxes Only.

We answer the fax and send it to your email. If you need to send out faxes, then you will still need to use a standard fax machine.

The Fax image is sent as a TIFF file.

While viewing TIFF images are pretty easy when using a computer, many mobile devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, etc) don't do that as easily. You may need to download an APP or make other adjustments to your mobile device it you want to view the image on the go. Be sure to check with your mobile device provider to see what works best for your device.

We do NOT store the fax image.

Pinnacle Telecom does not store a copy of the fax or keep it on file. We actually start the email process when we start receiving the fax. Once we send the email, it's gone. So think carefully about the email address you use and verify it will be reliable and big enough to support your fax needs.

We can send the fax to multiple addresses.

Yes, we can send to more than one email address, but remember that everyone will get a copy of every fax.  May be better to give everyone their own fax number instead.  At the moment, we would prefer to keep it fewer than 5 emails addresses per fax account.

Faxes  do take up space.

Faxes will take up more mailbox space than just an email. A one page fax of text will use about 15kb. A 200 page fax of text can be about 4MB. Not a tremendous amount, but it can add up depending on the amount of faxes you receive. Don't let your email box fill up.

This Can work as a "quick fix" scanner.

Need to scan a document? Just use a plan old fax machine and fax it to your Pinnacle Fax Server number and presto, you now have a scanned document ready to email!

It's as secure as email.

When it comes to looking at security, you have to start with the weakest link. Since we are converting a fax to an email, it is important to apply the same security concerns about email to the faxes you receive, especially if the email is leaving our network and going to a non-Pinnaclemailbox.

If you are not willing to send your Social Security Number or Bank Account numbers via an email, then take time to think about what comes in on the fax as well. Sending the fax to your Pinnacle mailbox can help since the traffic won't leave our network, but bottom line is email is just email, so be sure to treat it as such.

Create the Ultimate Unified Mailbox!

Why settle for just getting an email with your fax? 

Combine the Electronic Fax Service with a Pinnacle Telecom Voicemail Box and have a one stop shop for all your communication needs.  Voicemails and fax messages, all collected in a single interface, where you can setup customized notifications to stay on top of all that’s happening as it happens, whether you are sitting at your desk, or traveling the world.

Combining your voicemail & fax service adds:

  • Asecure place to hold your faxes
  • Availability of managing your fax in a PDF format
  • A secured access portal to view your fax
  • Control of forwarding or redirecting the fax as needed
  • Customizable ways to notify you a fax has arrived, including email, stutter dialtone, or message waiting lights on your phone.
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