Phone Support FAQs

Can I keep my same telephone number if I switch to Pinnacle?

Yes.  When the FCC allowed local competition, it insisted on customers being able to keep their telephone number when they switched to new telephone providers. This is call Local Number Portability. Phone companies also collect a fee from customers to pass on to the national organization responsible for administering the process. You may see this fee listed as LNP charge.

Do all free features come active?

No. Some features require special provisioning and information, so if it is not request, the feature is not provision by default.   Free Features can be activated upon request. 

How long does it take to convert my telephone line? 

Please allow 1-2 weeks.

Will I be without service during my conversion? 

You may temporarily lose dialtone when converting your service, although, most of the time it will be a scheduled with a Pinnacle Technician

How do I use my features? 

Most of the features and their instructions are listed in the front of your local phone book. You may also use our guide available in our Voice Features How-to  area.


I don't understand my Pinnacle  Telephone bill .

Please visit our billing information section.

I'm having trouble with my local telephone line.

Please see the local telephone support page.

I'm having trouble calling Long Distance. 

 Please see the long distance support page.

How do I use my Voice Mail?

Please see the voice mail support page.

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