Long Distance support

Having trouble with your long distance?

Before calling us to report a problem, please try the following steps to help us identify where the long distance problem is located:

Note what happens when you call a long distance number.

Do you hear a recorded message, do you get a busy tone, is there just silence, etc? Verify what calls are being affected, such as local calls, In-State Long Distance calls, or Out-of-State Long Distance Calls. Does the problem occur just when calling Out of State calls or any LD calls?

Try dialing 1-700-555-4141.

This is a free call. You should hear a message, like "Thank you for choosing Dobson Fiber."

Try calling 1-918-477-1000 & 1-479-996-8866.

This will work if these numbers are long distance for you. If the call completes, you will hear some strange beeping tones, like a modem or fax machine. Other test numbers that can be called are 317-630-2001 or 307-635-9901.

Call Our  Tech Support at 1-877-643-0279.

Give the information to the technical support operator. A technician will review this information and work to resolve.  Having details about call examples is important to help resolve troubles, so be sure to note things like:

  • Time/Date of call
  • Which number did the calling and what number was called
  • What happened during the call;  recording played or busy signal or just silence.

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