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Phone services for those with severe disabilities

Posted on: Apr 19, 2017 10:45:50 AM


InvoTekBe Extraordinary  and I had the honor and the joy of making a road trip yesterday to visit some of their clients who were using their new IP Phone application developed in partnership with Pinnacle Telecom for use by those with severe disabilities.  InvoTek is an R & D company in Alma, AR that develops products and services to improve independence, computer access, and communication for people who find it difficult or impossible to use their hands.  Be Extraordinary is a non-profit that takes innovations and applies them to people in the field through personal attention and interaction.  

This new phone solution allows their clients from around the country, who previously could not communicate outside their room without personal assistance,  to call and text their loved ones, friends and caregivers, without the use of their hands.  I'm pictured with Andre who was in the process of calling his mom. He was quite the cut-up and asked her to bring him some curly fries.  The tubes that you see in the photo are not breathing tubes but "puffer" tubes he uses to control the "mouse" on the computer screen.  He was very good at it.  It was just amazing! Of the four people we visited, they were all so thankful to have a device that allowed them more independence from their caregivers.  I want to applaud the work that Tom Jakobs and his crews at InvoTek and Be Extraordinary are doing to make life better for those with a severe disability. It is truly remarkable to see the ingenuity InvoTek can bring and the determination their clients have to do things most of us take for granted. 

InvoTek creates customized interfaces that allows each client to use technology by the means best suited for them.  Whether puffer tubes, or eye tracking cameras, their systems are designed to function using the best control mechanism to fit the situation.  When pairing it with a phone, those controls then pass information to the Phone client that utilizes Pinnacle Telecom's Commportal and SIP Phone Service  to control the call and provide connection to the world.  

Be Extraordinary applies those technologies in the field by working with clients and provides the active attention from installation, training, services, and performance evaluations.  They can be found online at

You can find more about InvoTek and the work they do at

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