Colocation Data Center

WHy build your own Data Center when you can share ours?

Data Centers are climate controlled with redundant power to give you the high availability your servers need.  Dedicated Internet Bandwidth allows you to control, maintain, and scale your traffic as needed without having to dedicated your own office space, or invest in that generator. 

Don't leave your vital servers sitting out in the open in someone's office, or have your data subject to the cleaning crew needing to use a plug for their vacuum and taking down your data servers.  Put them in a secure, controlled Data Center to make your business stays running regardless of your office environment.

Reasons why your company should use Dobson Fiber for colocation services:

  • Fully Redundant Power and Internet Connections - The benefit of being located within a regulated utility has its advantages. Generator backup power and fiber connected to our redundant switch means you will stay up when others can't.
  • Secure and Accessible 24/7 - Your IT equipment is in good hands within our colocation center. The center is designed to withstand the most extreme weather events. 
  • We're local - Get to your equipment when you need.  Local business success is as much our goal as it is yours.

No one in the area can boast of the power, connectivity, security and local service & support that we can. No one. 

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