Connecting People and Businesses in Arkansas & Oklahoma.

From high-speed internet to critical point-to-point cloud-based data sharing, Dobson can help you consolidate your connections onto one secure, reliable, state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

Fiber to the business

Dobson Fiber’s fiber-to-the-business services provide you with a cost-effective solution to maintaining your business connectivity needs.

Fiber optic technology brings your business dedicated, high-speed internet access and greater bandwidth to transmit and manage all of your business communication needs on one network. Your company’s voice, data and multimedia information are consolidated over a high-speed, fiber optic connection.

Benefits of Dobson’s Fiber Internet

  • Scalable bandwidth

  • Internet connection for faster, consistent performance

  • Data transmission moves quickly and reliably

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Consolidate all communication needs over one connection

Data Connectivity

  • Ethernet Delivery

  • Managed Wavelengths

  • MPLS

  • SD-WAN

Cloud Services

  • Point-to-point connection from your location to your IaaS provider

    • AWS – Direct Connect

    • Azure – Express Route

    • Google Cloud

    • 300+ Service Providers

    • 115 Cloud Onramps and 60 Cloud Regions

    • 465 Enabled Data Centers

  • Available add-ons

    • Ethernet – EPL (single location Ethernet connection)

    • Ethernet – EVPL (multi-location Ethernet connection)

  • Multi-Cloud connectivity

  • Rapid provisioning

  • Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

  • Cloud to Cloud Connectivity

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