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Written by Drake Smith
Posted on: January 22, 2020

I was in the tenth grade when I heard Joe McCullum say “Gas will never be one dollar a gallon…” Stunned, our esteemed Algebra teacher simply cut his eyes at Joe and replied “you’re crazy!”. “In fact,” our third period math wiz leader pronounced, “$2.00 per gallon gas prices are just around the corner…”


Well, needless to say, our boy Joe was not known to be one of the sharpest hooks in the tackle box. Of course, in all fairness, he fit right in with the rest of us. On the other hand, I’m not sure how smart our Algebra teacher was either but at least he got the gas price thing right.


Back in my day (which was some time ago as I was taking algebra when the price of gas was below $1 per gallon…), I can remember all communications were done in one of three ways: face to face, mail via the US postal service, or over the telephone. Fast forward a few years (or decades) and we find communication between individuals and/or businesses’ have changed just a bit. Oh, we still have face to face meetings like the old days, but now we don’t have to be in the same room to have them. We still get plenty of mail through the good ol’ post office (one can’t have too many credit card offers…) but today email is king. Communicating over the telephone has in itself evolved into a different animal as well. Sure, we still dial a number and hope someone on the other end picks up, but the methods in which information is delivered via a telephone has changed dramatically over the years.


The days of a business hanging an expensive phone system chassis in a closet somewhere on-site is rapidly becoming the way of the buck-a-gallon gasoline era. With today’s cloud-based business phone systems, there is simply no need to invest in an on-premise phone system that is not easily scalable, and will someday be technologically inadequate. With a feature set that incorporates one’s cell phone with his or her business phone system, cloud-based systems can make your cell phone and business phone one in the same.


I heard an old preacher say one time “You’re either going into a storm, just coming out of a storm, or you’re in a storm right now!”. That old (and true) saying also applies to on-premise phone systems. One day soon you may need some features that your system won’t have, you may have already outgrown the capacity of your system, or maybe you could use some features today that are just not available with your existing on-premise system.


Well, if any of the above scenarios apply to your business phone system, consider an all IP PBX cloud-based phone system from Pinnacle Telecom. We’ll make sure your days to a much more efficient, feature rich phone system is, as they say, ‘just around the corner’.


Drake S. Smith


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