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How Will Your Business Score In the  Olympic Moguls This Year?

Written by Jon Deaver
Posted on: February 12, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea is packed with great competition and impressive athletes.  One of the more interesting events are the Moguls, where skiers race down a hill hitting a series of bumps that look like knee damage in the making, then pause briefly for aerial ballet, and finally, return to racing to the bottom for the finish line.  Is it a race? Is it artistic jumps?  Turns out it’s both, and neither, at the same time.  Those jumps, flips, and aerial tricks only account for 20% of the racer's score, and how fast they get through it all, only another 20% ; but how well they handle the moguls, is a whopping 60% of their score.  While flair (jumps) and speed (time) are impressive and fun to watch, the bulk of the score comes down to how percise and technical they handle the rough moguls section.  Mess up on the technique, or lose focus during the roughest part of the course, and you sacrifice huge points which can cost you a medal no matter how well you fly or how fast you go. 

So how would your business score in this year’s moguls?  We all enjoy having times in our businesses where everything lines up perfectly and for that brief moment we are soaring through the air like a bird at sonic speed. But in reality, the majority of businesses live or die by how they can handle the constant pounding of the daily grind; ultimately how well we can keep everyone showing dedication and focus through the brutal repetition. It’s the mundane things that usually cause us to stumble, slip, or fall behind.   Efficiency down the mogul pathway of the business world is what keeps the business from falling apart, taking a beating, or derailing before it gets to take the big leaps and cross the finish line.  Big or small businesses face bumps in HR, financial, competition, technical, sales, and marketing, with each slamming harder and harder as you go through the business year. 

So how’s your technique?  How reliable is your process?  How dedicated are your employess to the same goal?  How solid is your solution when you hit the moguls?  As with any athletic competition, keeping your business focused on executing the plan, avoiding distractions, and achieving each business goal in a timely manner, will bring success.  At the same time, you can't slow your business to a crawl to navigate the rough patches either, or you will get left behind.  It's about balance, being prepared, and having a plan.

Just remember that the moguls are not to be avoided, they are to be attacked, because they will determine your success as a business, a manger, and a person, and put you ahead of the businesses that aren't ready.  Don’t fear moguls, embrace them!

At Pinnacle Telecom we can help navigate part of the challenges by providing efficient, reliable, and experienced solutions to your business internet and phone needs backed by a team that’s focused on your success.

Contact us today and check out the tools and techniques our business can offer to get you on the platform!


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