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Don't put your cell phone number on the side of your truck!

Written by Jon Deaver
Posted on: January 1, 2018

Why limit your business, before you even get started?

So you are one of the go getter entrepreneurs ready to jump out and start your own business, or maybe a motivated sales person trying to drum up revenue and looking for 24/7 marketing.   What better way than to put your name and number on the side or window of your vehicle and be a billboard everywhere you go?  Your name is easy, but what number do you want plastered around town?  Being a business owner, it’s important to get the most for your money, so seems like the best move is to use your cell phone number that you already have and for which you are already paying, because ultimately you want to be talking directly to them anyway while you are on the go, right?  Isn’t using your cell phone number as your main business’ number the best solution to get you where you want to go the fastest?

The answer is most definitely “No”.  And not only is it not the best solution to start out with, but it automatically hinders your ability to grow and direct your business in the future.

Cell phones are important, if not critical, parts of the mobile, independent, business owner of today.  You have to be able to talk to new clients, do business with existing customers, and keep up with the information of everything happening, all while “on the go”. There is no doubt the importance of having mobile devices, BUT putting your mobile number as your business main number on the side of your vehicles will not keep your business growing and moving forward and here’s why.

  • Using cell phones numbers have limited ability to interact with customers. – Ever see signs that say call us at 479-xxx-xxxx or 479-yyy-yyyy?  Obviously, that’s because they know there is a possibility that one number may be busy or have a dead battery or can’t be answered because they are doing work or on vacation or the phone is at the shop being repaired, etc.  So to make sure they don’t miss a call, they expect the person to call one number and then make a second call if the first one was not reachable.   How many people are going to do that?  How many people are going to even write down both numbers?  What happens if your cell phone is out of commission or lost or at the bottom of the lake?
  •  Using cell phone numbers make you a hostage to your cell phone 24/7. – Are you really wanting to be tied to your cell phone for the life of your business? How about when you need someone else to take the calls for an hour, day or week?  Are you going to hand them your cell phone for that time?  Turning your cell phone off prevents you from getting personal calls.  How can you turn off business mode, but still have your personal connections?
  •  Using cell phone numbers limit you in future business growth and flexibility. – Everyone hopes their business grows and there’s no better feeling than having so much business that you can add employees, or open an office, or additional branches. But now what do you do with your cell phone number.  How do you have a receptionist answer the calls so you can go about your business?
  •  Using a cell phone number loses your “personal touch” with callers and clients. - Nothing says personal service better than being able to say, “Here’s my cell phone number”, but now your cell phone is you business line.  How about those personal contacts that call you about family and personal issues, will you answer those calls as your business name 24/7?
  •  Using cell phone numbers gives a “small time” perception. – Most cell phone companies assign numbers from a common range of numbers, so everyone knows 479-xxx-1234 is a cell phone because numbers with xxx ranges belong to cell phone carriers.  Just because you are a one person wonder doesn’t mean you want to give the impression you are small potatoes.

What you really need is a new separate business number that has business class features, but will still direct all the calls to the places you want them, like maybe your cell phone, when you want, but allows you the flexibility to redirect them to other places when you don’t, in real-time.  

The answer is a Pinnacle Telecom  Quick-Portal Accession number with advanced Commportal services. A Pinnacle Quick-Portal Accession or Hosted Number gives you:

  • A single number that can ring your cell, or home, or additional employees, or all at once, all controlled in real-time..
  • Free Directory Listing in phonebook, operator services, and online
  • Advance call routing options like Auto Attendant, Time of Day Routing, Unified Messaging, Email Notifications.
  • Ability to “upgrade” your number to permanent  Business grade services.
  • Ability to filter calls, prioritizes people, or block numbers.

Think big, plan big, and make sure your decisions don’t limit your growth.  Don’t put that cell phone number on your vehicle, but start your business off right and give your business its own identity.  Upgrade your dream to true business class service and start down that new road and never look back.

Contact Pinnacle Telecom today to find out how to get your business going in the right direction!  We can set you up with a number from just about any place in the US and get you going today!  Learn how to put your Business Line as an Extension on your Smartphone.  

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