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Will your business survive the next Sharknadopocalypse?

Written by Jon Deaver
Posted on: December 20, 2017


Weather in our area can change pretty fast from day to day.  From sunny days to thunderstorms and downed trees and power lines.  High Temps to freeze warnings in 24 hours periods.  So has a Polar Vortex or Snowpocalypse or Sharknado shut your business down yet? When the weather outside was frightful, was your business still delightful?  Ultimately, do you have a plan?

Each year you can count on a random snow/ice storm/thunderstorm/flash flood/lightening strikes/tornado hitting our area and maybe shutting down your businesses for a few days.  And that's just in the first 3 months of the year! But spending a little time now can help prepare your business so that you, your employees, and your customers make it through the chill without getting hot under the collar.

First of all is to have a plan.  Will you just close your doors until the thaw or power is restored?  Will you have employees work from home?  Will you direct your calls to a recording or to another location in the country or to an answering service?  How will you get that message out (email, voice mail, etc).  Churchill’s “He who fails to plan is planning to fail” is never more true that during a disaster.

Second is to be able to implement that plan without having to be at the office.  Can you access your office network remotely?  Have you pre-recorded “Inclement Weather Announcements” that you can remotely implement, or can you change your Auto Attendant greeting remotely?  Can you access your Main Number Call Forwarding from your home?  Are you able to check your voicemail messages from anywhere?  Will your systems operate if your business loses power?  Can your employees access their work information from their home to keep orders moving along?  Does everyone know their PIN numbers and Passwords to access their information from a new location?   It doesn’t help to have a plan if someone still has to make it through the disaster to flip the switch.

Having features like Remote Call Forwarding, or Voicemail with Off-Premise Access can give you flexibility to change things on the fly regardless of where you are located.  Even having an Auto Attendant that gives you a “Bad Weather” option menu, that can route calls to cell phones or Voicemails, can help callers get the info they need without you leaving your house.  And adding VOIP phone solutions and VPNs can allow people to work from their home and still have access to everything the same as if there were sitting at their desk.

Pinnacle Telecom can help you put together a plan now, so that you stay calm, cool and collected while the next Sharkpolarnado Snowpocalypse covers our town.  We have calling features from simple remote call forwarding to advance Incoming Call Manager Solution and Premium Auto Attendants that you can access and control from any phone or internet connection.  We offer phone system solutions that can make staying at home as productive as working in the office.  And we also have the expertise to help implement a VPN solution so that you can access your company office data from any location.

Don’t wait until you see shark shaped snowflakes to start thinking about your options.  As with any unexpected disaster, success is based on your level of planning and preparedness beforehand.  Whether it is snowflakes or the proverbial bus running into the power pole, disaster can happen any day, year round.  So start planning today.

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