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3 Reasons Small Business Needs Managed IT Services

Written by Tate Cole
Posted on: October 8, 2018

As a small business owner (especially the last few years) you have probably found yourself in the position of balancing whether to expand products/services or investing in keeping your current infrastructure where it needs to be. 
Lines of credit and bank loans have been tough to come by which makes a tighter market even tighter. I recently had a conversation with a Telco client of ours about their network and our managed services offerings. He told me he couldn't afford any additional expenses at the time. He talked the struggles of the business and "we only have four computers anyway."
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It's his business and it was his blood, sweat and tears that build the business so I knew better than to argue. As our conversation continued we discussed our mutual love of duck hunting and the state of Razorback Football. Eventually we did come back around to his computer/network. He mentioned that one of his computers housed their entire accounting software, and much to my shock (not really) that he had no idea how they were backing it up. 
He then proceeded to share another of his four computers was used solely for managing/ordering their inventory. Once again he had no idea how it was being backed up (this isn't as uncommon as you're probably thinking).
To make my long story short - he agreed to take us up on ourfree assessment offer and has been convinced he needs to at least look into and consider offsite backup or an external hard drive solution. Here's just three reasons why he and others need Managed IT Services: 


Predictable Budget -Newroads Technology Group

Using the above mentioned business as an example, the owner will know how much he is spending each month which makes budgeting a breeze. No longer worrying having a computer going down and the expense that goes along with that. Which could include having to shut the doors on the business if that were to occur on either of the two machines mentioned. 

Resources -

Unless you are in the computer business (why would need someone to maintain your network if that was the case?) then you can't possibly keep up with everything you need to technology wise. Use our IT guys to become that valued resource to help you sift through all the stuff you need in order to make informed decisions regarding your business. Often times even companies large enough to have in house IT departments need a fresh perspective.

Vendor Managment -

Having an issue with software acting up on one of your PC's? Another computer won't print to a particular printer? The last thing you want a sales guy or office person doing is tracking down help from someone at HP or Dell etc. That's what we're here for, on several of our Managed Services Packages we include Vendor Managment. Let us handle those headaches.  


Let  our Managed Services division  Pinnacle IT Crew help your business.


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