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Written by Tate Cole
Posted on: November 14, 2012

Recently we have had 2 customers who have had their phone systems hacked. The result was a lot of usage to Fraud Countries. 

When you read usage think money, lots of money.

Whether you still have the default username/password combination or even a simple one it can cost you...bigtime. You should assume you will have to pay the bill, no matter the cost. Courts have ruled in favor of telco's charges when it has gone that far. 

Passwords can be a hassle to change, not because the action itself is difficult but to some because we don't want to have to keep up with one more thing. 

Here are a few ideas for changing this password.

  1. Change it once per year, set a reminder and do it.
  2. Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  3. Don't use your name.
  4. Use words that are commonly misspelled (misspelled list)
  5. Check the strength with this.

If you will follow these simple steps you can avoid a big mess down the road.



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