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Advantages Too BIG for Your Business to Ignore

Written by Allen Moseley
Posted on: July 10, 2018

Advantages Too Big For Your Business To Ignore

An Evolved IT Solution

                Tomorrows Technology Today, includes a rapidly growing technology sector called Managed Services. More and more businesses are turning to Pinnacle IT, Managed Services every day to increase their competitive advantage and improve business operations. But what is Managed Services and why do you need it? By definition, Managed Services is the proactive management of IT assets by a third-party organization on behalf of a customer. The Managed Services Provider (MSP), assumes responsibility for all IT related systems within the organization. Most Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) don’t always have the same IT resources as the larger businesses have. By partnering with an MSP, these SMB’s will level the playing field and have the same resources to operate efficiently and effectively. The advantages to Pinnacle IT, Managed Services have evolved tremendously for all SMB’s that it would almost be a mistake not jump on board. The services are just to good to pass up for all the advantages that Managed Services brings to the table.

Real Advantages of Managed Services

  1. Lower Cost

Considering the true cost of downtime, Pinnacle IT, Managed Services cost considerably less than the traditional Break-Fix model. The Break-Fix model literally waits until there is downtime until an issue is addressed. Managed Services proactively focuses on preventing any downtime from happening at all.

  1. Faster Response Time

With Real-Time system monitoring, Pinnacle IT, Managed Services can instantly be alerted of an issue and resolve the issue, often even before the customers are aware that anything has happened.

  1. Improved Security

Pinnacle IT, Managed Services can provide greater protection with a more secure infrastructure by the use of threat detection software and the latest security tools.

  1. Stay Focused on your Business, Not on your IT

Pinnacle IT, Managed Services allows your employees to be focused on being productive for YOUR Business, instead of spending time on IT related events.

  1. Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness

A network that has been proactively maintained with network monitoring, patch management and network optimization performed on a regular basis, will always run better. Problems are detected quickly, helping to prevent them from causing increased downtime.

  1. Access to IT Professionals

Managed Services is essentially like having your own IT department without all of the associated cost. IT Staffs are trained and experienced to even serve as your Chief Information Officer (CIO).

 Does your network have more problems than it should?

 If you feel like you are ready for Managed Services and want to find out more, Pinnacle IT offers a FREE network assessment. Our technicians will review your network to discover issues that are preventing your network from running at peak performance. After the assessment, we will show you the steps you can make to get things back on track. This offer is too big for your business to ignore, so take advantage now.

Call us at 479-242-8324(TECH) or visit Pinnacle IT, Managed Services to schedule your FREE NETWORK ASSESSMENT today.

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