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Pinnacle Agent Program

We care as much about your customers as you do!

Pinnacle Telecom is always looking for company partners that care about doing high quality jobs and providing great service to their customers.  As an Over-The-Top provider of services like Hosted SIP Phones and SIP Trunking, Pinnacle understands that customer trust is the primary way we all stay in business.  And to maintain that trust, it's important to have quality partners involved at every point of an end to end solution.  That's why Pinnacle has opportunities for Managed IT and Phone System providers to partner with us to create a win/win/win situation.

With everyone now competing with OTT solutions delivered from who knows where in the world, Pinnacle gives you the chance to deliver high quality solutions to your customers with a trusted local company that's there to support you the entire way.  Those other guys don't have any skin in the game, so your success or failure isn't their concern.  We're local, so we want to keep our good name as much as you want to keep yours!

If you are selling a new phone system and supporting that customer through the install, then why not also get paid monthly for the phone lines or Long Distance plan they choose?  If you manage their computers and IT network, then why not also cash in on installing their new Hosted Phone system?

We've been delivering SIP Trunking, PRI Services, and Hosted Phones for over 15 years!  Additional Features like Cloud Contact Centers and Call Recording are also available.

As a Pinnacle Telecom agent, you partner with us in delivering the latest in voice and cloud solutions to your customer at a competitive price.  We bill, process, and deal with the collections, while you keep the local customer relationship and direct contact, and if there's any issues, you have a direct line to our local support to help you through it.  In return, you get added revenue each month.  Customer wins, you win, Pinnacle wins!

As a Pinnacle Telecom Agent, you would have the following benefits:

  • Make extra money each month
  • Offer your customers the latest technology at competitive prices
  • Have a true relationship with your customer's carrier
  • Utilize Pinnacle's +15 years of experience in delivering SIP Trunking, PRI, and Hosted Phones solutions.
  • Work with people that care about your customer as much as you do!

You're supporting the customer anyway and want the best solutions for them available.  Sign up as a Pinnacle Telecom agent and let us show you what a real partnership can be.


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